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Learninghow to manage your money is where financial freedombegins.  Investing professionallyintheprofitableinvestmentswill eventually lead you to financial freedom.I startedtradingforex 5 years ago & like most gamblersI also lost it all. I thenfound a mentorthat taught me how to read a forexchart and after 3 months ofexhaustingwork& me putting in the time, usingthe teachings|lessons, Igraduallystarted to make profits all the time.The only challengewithtradingforexis having the time to do it. Although reading a forexchart willbodeme well in the future as a great toolto have under my belt, I have alsobeen on the life-long journeyto find financial freedom through Passive Income.Trading forexis not making Passive Income, it is active linear income. It workslike this. You trade you make money. You trade & you make money. If youdon't trade you don't make money.Now don't get me wrong, I am not lazy, I justprefer my moneyto work hardfor me rather than me working hard for it. Alan Solarsh

You understandallpeople on the {internet|web|Facebook|Instagram &other social platforms promotetheir Passive Incomejourney. The question is...itis real & achievablefor you?I think most people strive to be financiallyindependent& aspire to havePassive Income. The challengewith allPassiveIncomesourcesisthat there is a high barrier to entry. It just costs toomuchmoney to get started. Take property for example you need$100,000or moretostartto make any type ofPassive Income, you need a huge property portfolio. Thesame applies forforexportfolios. You needgreat to get started. With forex &leverage you can make a fortune quitefast, you can also lose it all if youdon't have superiormoney management rules & if you don't apply those rulesyou’redefinitely goinglose it all!I eventually found the most amazing piece ofsoftware & bought the rights to sell itworldwide.

Theamazing softwarebuys & sells forexautomatically. It's 100%automated software that basically creates wealth for youeveryday. I believethat this software will help millions of people around the world to becomefinancially independent& aspire to have Passive Income. We have over 23477very happy clients using our 100% automatic Forex software. We even called it“The Best Forex EA Robot”. You can view our customer testimonials on ourwebsite here www.the-best-forex-ea.comor you prefer to learn how to read a forexchart and self-trade then go here www.learntoreadaforexchart.comAlan Solarsh Forex Mentor & passive Income Guru whatsapp or call me on +27764577444